What is a Care Agency:

Care Agencies provide a wide range of care services ranging from domiciliary to 24/7 support to individuals for a monthly or ‘as you go’ fee. All staff recruited through an agency undergo a strict training program monitored by the CQC to ensure quality of service and is an alternative to employing privately.

How can Care Agencies help?

Domiciliary Care:

If you are looking for a helping hand perhaps to assist with odd jobs during your daily routine then Domiciliary Care may suit you! Jobs may include cooking, cleaning, taking one down to the shop or accompaniment to an appointment. The level of care that a worker provides varies depending upon your requirements; you may simply need assistance for 30 minutes a day or overnight support.

Live-In Care:

If you are seeking 24/7 care without the hassle of employing privately (managing training, payroll etc) then Live-In Care is the perfect solution. For a monthly or ‘as you go’ fee, you will receive highly trained staff (who meet the standards of the Care Quality Commission) to provide support around the clock with every aspect of daily life from personal care to social activities.

What makes a good Care Agency?

For a disabled individual, sourcing a good care agency can be vital to their daily life. First and foremost, the agency should be adopting a ‘person centred’ approach and taking the time to understand your lifestyle and routine. Some agencies use this information to specifically recruit for that particular client (recommended) or match a support worker from an existing ‘pool’. After a suitable worker is found, it is essential that the agency operate an ‘open door’ policy meaning that a trained individual is always contactable if the need arises.

Find A Care Agency:

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