What is Case Management:

Case Management ensures ones health, social care, educational and employment needs are met through a collaborative process of assessing, planning and implementing cost effective resources such as therapists in order to maximise an individuals potential.

What can a Case Management provider assist with?

Typically (not necessarily), a Case Management provider is sought by a Deputy either during the litigation process or after a clients case is settled. The provider assigns each client a Case Manager who works closely with the individual, their family and other healthcare professionals to support every aspect of life whether it be their physical or emotional wellbeing.

A Case Manager can assist with (but not limited to):

– Facilitating social activities i.e. visiting friends.

– Employing a care team.

– Sourcing specialised equipment, for example, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.

– Introducing clients to other healthcare professionals such as Occupational Therapists and monitoring progress.

– Ensuring various insurance policies are up to date.

A Case Management provider usually supports their Case Managers by ways of a HR Department (dealing with employment contracts, payroll etc should a client employ their own support team), some may even offer in-house rehabilitation services.

Find Case Management:

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