How can therapy help with a disability?

Receiving various therapies has a plethora of benefits for disabled individuals whether it be strengthening muscles through Physiotherapy or improving ones speech through Speech and Language Therapy. Therapies are usually used in conjunction with each other to assist with rehabilitation or maintaining ones wellbeing.


Hydrotherapy combines the use of temperature and other facets of water within controlled environments for a wide range of therapeutic treatments from relieving back pain to assisting in the rehabilitation of individuals with neurological conditions i.e. Cerebral Palsy. Various techniques can be used to reduce muscle spasms, improve flexibility and more.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is highly variable upon ones disability/condition, however, it’s ultimate aim is to enable the individual to participate in everyday activities whether it be in a work or social environment. To achieve this, Occupational Therapists evaluate the individual to propose, for example, the requirement for specialised equipment i.e. wheelchairs to enhance ones daily life.

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Physiotherapy uses physical exercises and movements to treat and manage a disability or illness to assist them with their independence for as long as possible. Exercises are tailored to ones condition and may focus upon improving strength, balance or co-ordination. Many physiotherapists specialise in various areas such as neurological thus it maybe worth exploring our directory to find the perfect match for your disability/condition.

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Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy combines a variety of techniques to enable one to communicate with others to the best of their ability. Techniques are not limited to improving speech but also extend to eating and swallowing by perhaps using facial exercises to improve co-ordination.

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